i like electronic dance music,techno ,breakbeat,hardcore/rave/rock pop, i love  kind all types of music….I always express myself through music cause it is the time where my LISTENERS can “hear how I’m feeling”. I get overjoyed when I play  I can connect to the audience to leave them with an  amazing feeling.Music brings people together in more ways than one and it’s a great thing when it can connect people of all colors, race, and cultures.Music is fun, create feelings, art, creativity inspiration,i love music cause of the emotions behind it, allows people to connect with one another,i mean WE can have two rockstars who speak two different languages and they can share ,can rock together !i love mystery  of nature, the sound represents hidden  parts, the shadow reflected in the lake, our shadow depicted on wall ,street every part is hidden but the same time we cant explore , we can see the shadow our shadow the day but the stars are lighted in the skies the night,some more strong and some less ,this is the beauty nature is in ‘US’resides within ‘US’! So music is like this, interpret the secrets we all looking for!afipnish!



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